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To The Point Solution as Always

Got Inspired From Umer's Dedication

To The Point Solution as Always

Got Inspired From Umer's Dedication

$70,000 in 2 Days
£20,000 in 8 Weeks
£15,000 in 7 Days
$2,250 in 6 Weeks
20 clients enrolled 
'I had 60% Conversion Rate'

 "I have made over $10k in one weekend 🤩"

Sold her first intensive at $1200 AND her Coaching package at $5k 

Sold her $8,400 Package

$29k in 2 weeks

 $18,000 in 7 Weeks

$6,500 in 7 Weeks

Closed her 10th Client 😮😮😮

Sold 2 programs at 3K

100 Consults booked and 28 Sales in 2 days

“I got 5 sales from a tiny email list of 150”

"First call just done and

it's YES"

50% conversion (5 clients) enrolled so far into her High Ticket offer 

Lorna got her first sale

3 Clients enrolled 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

First client enrolled

4th Client Closed!

"OMG, my funnel is filling up like mad."

"I have just enrolled my second client for my new program..."

Successfully enrolled her first 3 clients

Betty booked her first paid intensive...

“Sold 3 Packages and haven’t launch yet"

First sale came through


30k per month

“I made DOUBLE my investment”

"I was so impressed at how Pam helped 20 women to create their Signature Offer."

"I LOVE the implementation. The personal feedback was a big game changer for me"

"I'd taken so many courses but this one forced me to sit down and actually get the work done. Very helpful"

This is by far the best Course.

It has been absolutely spot on!

"I increased my price and I've sold my course already. 

Thank you so much Pam"

"Most of the trainers that I've been to leave you 'hanging'. You helped me more than anybody and I am truly grateful for it"

$70k In 2 Days

I loved learning about Ads

"To anyone who's thinking of doing this Intensive, Don't think just do it!"

"This weekend, EVERYTHING clicked into place. This is absolutely amazing"

"This is one of the best Courses I've ever taken"

"It really highlighted what I really need to be doing"

"Doing the Implementations with Pam has really helped.

This is the most discovery work that I've ever done"

"I keep thinking why did I wait a whole year before taking this intensive. It's one of the BEST courses I've ever joined"

It was an eye opener for me

It's exactly what I needed

"I honestly wish I had this many months ago"

"It was such an eye opener and it really gave me hope"

"For me it was mind-blowing.

I love that it was so hands-on"

"Pam made us feel very comfortable. I loved the details of how to create our own program"

"I loved the training on Sales Calls. I was making so many mistakes on the calls but now I know how to Close

I was failing with Facebook Ads but now I know how to do it right. I learned a lot today, thank you

I've spent so much money on ads and different programs, nothing compares to this 

I love how you took us by the hand, pushed us to achieve each task instead of leaving us

You always overdeliver. The whole 3 days, everything you taught was important for me.

I've had so many coaches but none of them have taken the time to push me like you have. 

I love how practical it was, everyone got clarity from each segment and you pushed us. It's just perfect!

I loved the "hand holding". You didn't just give us worksheets like other Coaches, you helped us implement each step.

Before attending, I didn't know how to put together a program, now, I have my Signature Offer created

This gave me clarity on the steps that I should take, especially how to run Facebook Ads successfully

My biggest win is the Sales System. I also 'slammed the back door shut' in all areas of my life that have been holding me back all these years

I'd summarise these 3 days as 'slamming the back door' in my mindset, business'. I really enjoyed these 3 days

My big win is that before this program I was lost but I've been able to move my business forward

I thought the first day was 'something' until Day 2 which blew me away even more. Atmosphere was very inspiring

I got so much clarity on the direction to take and what to offer my audience

I learned a lot from this, especially how to clarify my message.


Your success is my success

I just saw the mistakes I made in past when it comes to Sales Calls. I now know how to do it the RIGHT way

The 'Closing' was really beautiful. I learnt so much about how to 'Close a Client' and about Facebook Ads 

It's just amazing! I'm grateful to the entire team.

I learned that Mindset is foundation and I learned how to renew my mind

I absolutely loved it especially "the wolf and the pack"

It's indescribable. Finally happy that I found what I was searching for

It's outstanding! Very hight energy and very inspiring. I thought it was too good to be true but it's outstanding

I got more clarity. You practice what you preach. I feel so much more confident with Sales Calls now

It's been amazing 3 days. We didn't just get "information", we actually did the work and I loved that

It's been an eye opener. So many Coaches talk about putting together a Signature program but you taught us HOW to actually achieve it.

I can't believe it! Thank you for pouring your heart out. I now have my Signature Offer created

I feel that I've finally found my match. This has changed my life and I now have a focus.

I hate Sales, that's the reason I joined and I think you are going to make it easy for me.

It's been such a phenomenal 3 days, there's so much that I learned and I can use.

I love how you showed us the things as opposed to just telling us what should have been done.

You genuinely wanted us to learn. I just cannot say enough of things and thank you enough.

Thank you, you actually helped me re-craft my Signature Offer.

Thank you for wonderful insights. I really loved the energy of this group.

It was really empowering experience. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your patience.

I learned a lot. I really liked that you was able to coach us and give us feedback.

This was a great experience. You really break this down in small pieces.

You always give more value than I can imagine.

In 3 days I learnt more than in 6 months with another coach.

I had all of this jumbled in my head and you put names and tags on that.

"I sold my 6K Offer"

"I sold 2 Intensives"

$70,000 in 2 Days
£20,000 in 8 Weeks
£15,000 in 7 Days
$2,250 in 6 Weeks

 "I have made over $10k in one weekend 🤩"

Sold her first intensive at $1200 AND her Coaching package at $5k 

20 clients enrolled 
'I had 60% Conversion Rate'

Sold her $8,400 Package

$29k in 2 weeks

 $18,000 in 7 Weeks

$6,500 in 7 Weeks

Closed her 10th Client 😮😮😮

Sold 2 programs at 3K

100 Consults booked and 28 Sales in 2 days

“I got 5 sales from a tiny email list of 150”

'You made me believe that my 'why' is achievable!'

'This intensive will help you narrow dowwn what you want to do.'

'Pam, you opened my heart to say Yes I Can Do It'

'If you are looking for a sign, this is your sign.'

'Huge value, I'm so grateful for it'

'I finally found mu niche'

'You have impacted who I'm supposed to be in these 3 days'

'I had a lot of lightbulb moments.

Thank you.'

'This was transformational and life changing'

'Now I'm even more committed.'

'You are meant

to be here...'

'You've encountered me to not give up on myself '

'This is more then just getting clients.'

'Pam, you're the real deal. '

'Thank you for not letting me to give up'

'Absolutely amazing. '

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